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Baby Laundry Powder
Baby Laundry Powder

Baby Laundry Powder

Bon Organics
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At Bon Organics, we are aware that the cloths of Babies and Children are in general to be treated with extra care and attentions as skin rashes and allergies are likely to be a result of the clothes they wear and hence what their cloths are washed with is important. We have specially formulated a delicate yet effective laundry powder for the delicate baby cloths. It's gentle on the cloths and washes off easily ensuring that when the clothes are worn, there are no residues that hang onto the clothes that may cause irritations. This is a very safe and biodegradable alternative to the harsh chemical laundry powders for baby cloths. A new mom is a delicate baby too and may be more prone to allergies and rashes. Hence it is advised that our Little laundry is used for the new mom's clothes too. She deserves the delicate care as well!

Directions: Add 2 scoops of Bon Organics' Little laundry powder into the load of clothes and wash with normal routine. It is safest to wash baby's and child's clothes separately from the other laundry. Mom's clothes should be washed separately as well to ensure a greater degree of hygiene.

Ingredients: Neutralized slurry and soda ash with processed neem soap, soap nut, and natural lemon extract. No builders. No chlorine. No Phosphate. Excellent cleansing results. No harsh fumes. Gentle on skin. Extremely concentrated. No artificial colours. No foam boasters.