Why do BON Soaps cost more?
What is BON’s production set-up?

Bio Organic & Natural’s production set-up is purposely situated among a garden of trees where production is separated by type of product into the respective production unit buildings. Each building is eco structured and uniquely designed to cater for the respective product line while keeping our concept and energy viable. We don’t have a huge factory with machineries, robots, 50 ton vats, or corporate big-wigs. Instead, we have small building structures at a distance from one another allowing the fresh breeze, animals, birds, and our BON staffs to move around freely.
BON’s production set-up is a growing unit with many big hearts & smiles. Our unit is situated among the trees with birds chirping and beautiful hearted women laughing as they work with joy and freedom. Each product is handmade, hand crafted and hand- packed while singing and laughing. This is where our products get the extra energy and love from. This is just the way we like it. We believe you will too.

Why pack in leaves?

We are proud to announce that our products in general are aimed to be packed consciously using natural materials like dried leaves, cotton fabrics, glass and degradable covers & containers with products such as liquids. Our soaps in particular are wrapped in dried leaves that protect our soaps while aiding in keeping the priceless energy that goes in them. With this, we also wish to convey the importance of being eco friendly. By using our products, you become part of our movement in supporting the environments’ safety & health as well as encouraging natural wellbeing.

Are BON products Biodegradable?

Biologically speaking, BON’s products have the ability to break down safely and relatively quickly into the raw materials of nature and disappear as part of the environment.
BON’s products aim to bring your awareness for green living into your home. All our products work wonders and surrender themselves around the house as healthy fertilizer water for your plants (if you reuse the water after showers/washes) without any damaging, harmful or polluting effect on your garden or the environment.
Enjoy knowing that BON products are honestly the best for you and the environment.

What is BON Handcrafted Soap made of?

We hand make our Natural Organic Oil Soaps by a traditional & Unique Cold Process [UCP], while using only USDA certified vegetable oils, Organic Essential Oils [that are Allergen free certified], and precious Botanicals. Each individual oil ingredient is carefully chosen for its lathering and moisturizing properties in the soap. Essential and fragrant oils contribute to the luxurious yet mild scent while the natural ingredients impart colour, and the botanicals & spices add textured properties.

Why is Glycerine Important?

During our Unique Cold Process, glycerine is a naturally formed by-product. This glycerine in particular has unmatchable properties to absorb moisture from the air and is therefore great for the skin; it’s a natural, gentle emollient, humectants that keeps the skin moisturized and supple. One molecule of glycerine is created for every three molecules of soap which is why our soaps are rich in glycerine. Commercial soap makers usually remove any glycerine from their soap base, bleached the fatty base with chemicals for the purpose of colouring, and eventually sell it (to you?). With BON’s Handmade Soap, however, all of the naturally occurring glycerine remains intact.

How many days until I receive my products?

The number of days varies depending upon your location. If you are located within India, it will take roughly 8-9 workings days. If you are located outside India, it will take roughly 11-14 working days. But you may keep track of your products journey.

What if I’m not around when the products arrive?

There is the possibility that you are physically present when our product reaches you. Hence, we do accept a representational signature. You may chose a person (friend/relatives) to sign on your behalf.

What happens in case of damage?

When a product is damaged when it reaches you, you are requested to let us know through email (customers@bonorganics.com) with a photograph (as proof). You are requested to email us upon the day of arrival and no later as we do not entertain for damages that occur after the delivery of the goods.

Do you refund for exchange?

Yes! We are here to give you the personal care that u deserve. If you wish to return and exchange products, we accept that in condition that the product is not damaged or opened. Also, we do not do cash refunds for the shipment.

What happens in case of damage?

When a product is damaged when it reaches you, you are requested to let us know through email (customers@bonorganics.com) with a photograph (as proof). You are requested to email us upon the day of arrival and no later as we do not entertain for damages that occur after the delivery of the goods.

What type of transactions do you accept?

When purchasing our products on our website, you are to pay using your credit/debit cards.

Do you do COD?

Currently we have not implemented Cash On Deliver. However, we look forward to make that possible in the future.

What payment gateway do you use? Is it trustable?

We are powered by CC Avenue, a trusted payment gateway for online purchases. It is a common and trusted online payment facilitator.

When will you restock out of stock items?

Out of stock items should be made available and restocked within 7 working days or sometimes more.

Will I get notified when stock is available?

Yes, if you have signed in through you Bonorganics account when browsing through the products, then you will notified when the product is restocked.

Can I pre-book out of stock items?