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You Are Limited Edition

Hey you, Yes you, You are a Limited Edition! Don’t believe me? Well give me one reason why you aren’t? You have 70,368,744,177,664 unique combinations of genes in you right now, this makes you unique in more than a million ways.

So yes Fam you are unique!  .

Just like you, our products are unique too.

Every product manufactured at Bon is a Limited Edition! There is only one of it out there, it is unique and it can never be replicated again.

Do you know why? Because it's HANDMADE! All our products are 100% handmade with love and care. This means that our production is not dependent on machines but it's dependent on people. It’s driven by the human touch, immense hard work 

Handmade has its own beauty and the love of handmade can never be replaced. Would you prefer receiving a handwritten love letter from your loved one or an email/text message? The love letter right?

Just like that our products are a love letter from us to you! .

Our products are made with undying hard work and perseverance!

Our products are made with the love and care of our people!

Our products are made just for you!.

Something unique, something different. 

Because You Are A Limited Edition!


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