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Hair or No Hair? What’s perfect?

“Beauty lies within you, not outside.”

Confidence is about being you and being real. Will you go bald? Did you have to cut your hair in a way you wouldn’t desire (because of your job, etc)? Or colour your hair? Why is it difficult? It’s because our hair has become our sense of confidence.

Society has created a list of rules on “how to be perfect” and our hair is a part of it. 

Some people think long hair is “perfect” for women and “imperfect” for men, while some say “oh your hair is so long” and others "your hair is so short". Why can’t a female confidently go bald? Why are men who are bald looked down upon or made fun off? Why can’t she have a boy-cut?

Why can’t we empower all hair types? 

Physiologically our body can function without our hair but psychologically we can’t. We feel a sense of security with our hair. We feel a sense of confidence with our hair. We feel beautiful with our hair. We feel handsome with our hair. But why do we seek perfection? Seeking perfection creates a sense of unwanted insecurity within us. It makes us feel we are not good enough. Sometimes our hair may affect us mentally, and our confidence is so dependent on our hair where if anything goes wrong with it we feel like we aren’t good enough.
Well all we want to tell you is that you are not alone! Sometimes it may look like someone has the perfect hair, but how do you know that they aren’t insecure?
Perfection doesn’t take away insecurity, your mentality does. Work on your mindset first then on making your hair so called “perfect.” 
Sometimes we experience hair fall, or lack of hair growth, or dryness, etc. but it is important to embrace it! There is no good there is no bad, we have created an illusion, which we have all started to believe in! We at Bon believe that you must embrace yourself! So take the first step to hypnotize yourself back to reality. Start believing that you are perfect the way you are, because at Bon we are certain that you’re perfect! We believe that your hair makes you unique. Be it frizzy hair, long hair, short hair or no hair at all, you are perfect!
We believe that you must nurture it, with love. We believe that you must take care of it organically, with mild products.
Your hair doesn’t decide your beauty. Your beauty lies within.
So embrace self-love!
Embrace self-acceptance!
Embrace yourself! 
Because there is no perfect, there is just (Im)perfect! 


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  • This is wonderful!
    First step is to embrace our own self❤️

    Anusha HR

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