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Toxin-free makeup Bundle
Toxin-free makeup Bundle

Toxin-free makeup Bundle

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Introducing our Toxin-free Makeup Bundle! 💪🧖‍♂️

Define your eyes with precision using our toxin-free Eye Liner in Midnight Black. Achieve a flawless finish with our Loose Powder, available in a variety of shades to suit every skin tone.

Enhance your lips with the natural charm of our Wild Rose and Strawberry Lip Stains, adding a touch of vibrant color that's as clean as it is captivating.

For a seamless application, our Equality Beauty Sponge ensures an even and smooth blend, giving you a naturally radiant look while being gentle on your skin.

Embrace the beauty of toxin-free makeup with this carefully curated bundle. Unleash your inner radiance without compromise! ✨🌹💋

Contents of the bundle: Eye Liner (Midnight Black) x 1 Loose Powder (any shade) x 1 Wild Rose Lip Stain x 1 Strawberry Lip Stain x 1 Equality - Beauty Sponge x 1