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Laundry Powder
Laundry Powder

Laundry Powder

Bon Organics
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We believe it is possible to have effective natural and safe cleaning products that do not cost the earth. To provide this, we have developed our range of natural, biodegradable, household products that are ethically sound, safe to use, and has normal environmental impact on our plain. Domestic pollution causes more danger in the environment then industrial pollution. Why cleaners containing conventional ingredients have damaging effects on the environment and humans. We are committed to the use of ingredients that are purely the best and safest for all of us. Wherever possible our raw materials are from renewable sources, not been tested on animals and have no animal products. Our belief in the use of natural ingredients all of our products are allergy tested. You have nothing to lose; the earth has everything to gain.

Here’s our Laundry powder that is an effective and safe alternative to commercial detergent powders that are harsh on skin, clothes, and environment. The end water may be used to water pants; it’s healthy! 100% handmade product.

Directions: Use two scoops of Bon Organics' Laundry powder per regular load. Safe for hand and machine wash

Ingredients: Neutralized slurry and soda ash with natural lemon extract. No builders. No chlorine. No Phosphate. Excellent cleansing results. No harsh fumes. Gentle on skin. Extremely concentrated. No artificial colours. No foam boasters. No fillers or stone powders. No Polluting ingredients.