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Rosy & Pink Bundle
Rosy & Pink Bundle

Rosy & Pink Bundle

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Indulge in the Elegance of Roses with our Rosy & Pink Beauty Bundle! 🌹💖

Begin your skincare ritual with the luxurious French Creme Rosa, a silky face cream that pampers your skin with a touch of floral bliss. Elevate your daily cleanse with the enchanting fragrance of our Country Rose Soap, leaving your skin feeling soft and delicately scented.

Glow from head to toe with our Radiate & Glow Lotion (120ml), a luscious potion that imparts a subtle, rosy radiance. Refresh your senses with the hydrating mist of our Rose Water (100ml) and keep your lips petal-soft with our nourishing Rose Lip Balm.

This Rosy & Pink Bundle is a celebration of femininity and self-care, curated for those who cherish the beauty of blooming roses. Embrace the grace and charm of this collection for a truly enchanting experience!

Contents of the bundle: French Creme Rosa (face cream) x 1 Country Rose Soap x 1 Radiate & Glow Lotion (120ml) x 1 Rose Water (100ml) x 1 Rose Lip Balm x 1 Hoo Hoo Feminine Wash x 1 Wild Rose Lip Stain x 1 Equality - Beauty Sponge x 1